GI basic research group (425lab), Dept of Gastroenterology, University of Tokyo


1. The origins of cancers and their microenvironment.

We have established many mouse cancer models by using various transgenic mice. We are particularly interested in the role of tissue stem cells as the origin of cancers, and have been investigating the regulatory mechanism of stem cells and cancer, and their microenvironment including fibroblasts, immune cells, endothelial cells, and nerves. Using mouse models and in vitro organoids, our group is aiming to establish new therapeutic approaches against GI diseases.

2. Dysbiosis in GI diseases.

Enteric bacteria play important roles in various disease pathogenesis. During GI disease development, dramatic changes in microbiome, namely dysbiosis, occurs in the GI tract. We have been investigating GI dysbiosis and its effect on host immune responses in a comprehensive manner, by using multiple approaches including mouse dysbiosis models, human samples and databases, and comprehensive genome sequences.